‘Thank you for the care taken of my Mum’

A heartwarming story of how one of our life saving products helped an elderly lady


Paul McFarlane

6/4/20232 min read

This week we received some great feedback from a customer about one of our life saving “Stop the Bleed” products. Our customer was an off-duty paramedic who came across an elderly lady who had fallen in her garden and received a significant head laceration. This is what he said…

"I had the opportunity to utilise one of your products, the 4-inch OLAES trauma bandage, the other day on a patient with a serious head laceration. I found it to be extremely effective at controlling the haemorrhage, more so than the traditional combine dressing and roller bandage approach. I thoroughly recommend the OLAES dressing to anyone who is considering purchasing it'

The lady had been prescribed blood thinner medication (Warfarin) for one of her chronic health conditions, which made her more prone to bleeding when she had a fall and received the head wound. Our customer described it as “torrential bleeding!”

If you have ever managed an elderly patient with a head laceration, they often bleed prolifically and lose a lot of blood – and this is made worse when blood thinning medication reduces the ability of the blood to clot. It can be very challenging to apply a dressing that stays on the head and can maintain the pressure needed to control this type of bleeding.

Thankfully, our customer keeps a well-stocked first aid kit in his car which includes an OLAES pressure bandage which is prefect for this type of injury. We recommend first aiders add specialised dressing like the OLAES or the Israeli Emergency Bandage to their kits because these dressings are designed to apply focussed pressure on the site of major lacerations and can assist you to manage the blessing much more successfully than a traditional bandage and combine dressing can do.

Our customer said that it was the first time he has used an OLAES bandage, and it worked “better than expected.”

The lovely card and fruit basket he received from the elderly lady’s grateful daughter showed just appreciative the family were for the care and treatment he provided.

This is a great story that encourages us on our mission to help you save lives. We want ALL our customers to be prepared so that when the unexpected happens and life-threatening injuries occur, you have the tools and training needed to positively influence the outcome.

Do you keep a specialised pressure bandage in your first aid kit in the home, the car and the office? If not, order some today! They are relatively inexpensive items to buy, but invaluable tools that can save a life.